I’ll Be Missing You :C

homesick for London town

Guess that means it’s time to leave New England! Peace out, Yanks.


Meet Me at the Museum, It’s Going Down

save a horse, ride a cowboy


i workout


put a bird on it


straight out of the Jacob Galleria


Indiana Winston


stuntin like Mufasa


sum1 needs to take a chill pill


where is Winston?


“Uncommon” is the Most Commonly Used Word on Campus. That’s Ironic.

"uncommon" grounds


On a Jolly Old Tour of “New” England

Amherst City Hall

magnum face

a pizza slice big enough to feed half a filipino family

beautiful enough to rival the majesty of the English countryside


MoHo: The Coffee is Strong but the Women are Stronger

mary lyons hall


actually, Northanger Abbey was the OG


already read it.


only chick flix at the cinema... hunger games & zac efron


here's my number, call me maybe




So empowering…